The Vision

At Kogics, we work with young minds, and aim to:

  • Give them tools that make learning fun and effective.
  • Ignite them with the fire of curiosity.
  • Encourage them to dream, and help them to pursue their dreams.
  • Guide them to an awareness of joy.


Lalit Pant

Lalit Pant (Founder)

Lalit is a Codecrafter, Software Architect, and Teacher based out of Dehradun, India. He spends his work/hobby time enjoying teaching Computer Programming and Math to school-children, writing Ebooks, and developing Educational Software. Lalit has worked as a professional programmer for over 16 years - in roles all the way from Junior Programmer to CTO - designing and developing software for companies in the United States, Europe, and India. He has also written articles for popular programming magazines like Dr. Dobbs Journal and Java Report. He has several Patents pending against his name (although he is not too proud of that fact, given his Open Source leanings!). His current software-related areas of interest are: Interactive Tools and Games in Education, Programming Languages, Genetic Algorithms, Concurrency, Distributed Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. You can follow his technical writings on his Blog. Lalit is a graduate of IIT Kanpur. He has a postgraduate degree from IIT Delhi. He did his schooling at La-Martiniere, Lucknow.


Vibha Pant

Focus Area: Product Design and Market Research

Vibha is an Artist, Teacher, and freelance Market Researcher based out of Dehradun, India. She spends her work/hobby time teaching stuff related to Art and Computers to school-children, writing Ebooks, and working on Market Research assignments involving Statistical Analysis and Data Mining. She has many years of experience working in the Analytics department of one of the top Direct-Marketing/Market-Research firms in the US. She has a postgraduate degree from the acclaimed Market Research masters program at the University of Texas at Arlington. Vibha also has an MBA degree in HR.


Nikhil Pant

Focus Area: Community Building, School Outreach, and Marketing

Nikhil has been working with school children and college youth for over 15 years. He left his Civil Engineering job to teach at Manava Bharati School, New Delhi, in 1996. He has developed Child Centric Learning By Doing (CCLBD) modules - SAMEER & MAITREYA - that focus on enabling & empowering children to discover their true calling in life. Parents, College Youth and Corporate executives (as part of CSR) volunteer in implementing these modules - both in schools as well as in neighbourhoods. More of his thoughts are available on his Blog and in this Essay.

Core Testing Team





Ruchi, Shivam, Swati, and Nisha