Kojo Roots

Kojo outreach and R&D engagements in Uttarakhand

children having fun with Kojo coding

The Kojo roots project has been running since 2015 – in villages and communities in Uttarakhand, India. The basic goal of this project has been to get children (from grades 3+) going with coding, and with the learning of essential skills through coding, grounded in the foundation of learning with understanding. To enable this, computer labs have been set up in many of the participating schools (the ones that did not already have computers).

This project has also been (and continues to be) a proving ground for the value-add and benefits of Kojo, and has guided the direction of Kojo product and LM development.

Some of the participating schools are:

  • Shivalik school, Herbertpur
  • Mother Dreams, Herbertpur
  • Himalayan English School, Ghansali
  • GIC Kapkot, Bageshwar
  • Mother Miracle, Rishikesh
  • Timli Vidyapeeth, Shri Timli
  • Ashworth school, Dehradun
  • Mondrian House, Dehradun